When it comes to fantasy football we all hear several pieces of advice. Don't draft quarterbacks early as that position is deep. Make sure to get at least one top running back in the first couple of rounds as that pool will dry up quickly. Don't ever take a kicker or defense/special teams until the last few rounds. What about wide receivers?It's no secret that the NFL is a passing league. It seems every rule change over the past 5-10 years has been geared toward the benefit of throwing the ball and Doug Baldwin Jerseys putting points on the board with quick, exciting plays. In fantasy, we are slowly but steadily seeing a switch to point per reception (PPR) leagues. This puts further emphasis on pass catchers early in our drafts. Some also view receivers as safer picks early in drafts because they don't take the hits that running backs do and thus have a better chance at staying healthy over a long season. Throw in the fact that in most leagues you will start three WRs and a possible fourth in the flex position and we can start to understand why the position is so important.Antonio Brown will more than likely be the first WR taken in your league Richard Sherman Jerseys as he is about as steady as they come. There was a time when catching more than 100 balls in a season would raise everyone's eyebrows. Well, Brown has averaged more than 120 receptions over the past four seasons. That's just incredible when Kam Chancellor Jerseys you throw in that over that span he also averaged 11 touchdowns and 1579 yards. Some might want to debate that Odell Beckham Jr. should be picked first Jimmy Graham Jerseys overall but that seems like a reach. While it's true that he's dynamic and a highlight reel waiting to happen, he has only eclipsed 100 receptions once in his career (101 last season) and the addition of Brandon Marshall will give Eli Manning another true Marshawn Lynch Jerseys receiving threat. Mike Evans, Julio Jones, and A.J. Green are also sure to go in the first round of your fantasy draft.

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Ballinadee Stables
  • Fine selection of friendly horses and ponies with accomplished guides to lead you.
  • Rolling farmland, beautiful countryside overlooking the Bandon River.
  • Unique as you can ride off-road along trails, fields and a stream.
  • Working family farm. We have cows, calves, hens, dogs and quiet often puppies! We also have the village treasure of Freddie the Donkey and his friend Meow the cat! 
  • ALL levels of riders, specialising in teaching riders who are nervous or inexperienced to trot or even canter.
  • Experienced riders can ride our big Irish hunters.

A great way to enjoy nature!

Prices range from 15 – 30 euro

Special family rates.


(phone to avoid disappointment)

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